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......@@ -82,19 +82,6 @@ In the labyrinth issue a spread juxtaposes a computer with depictions of human b
Back cover ST#5
spread with brains ST#4
Screen grab of Player with location marker + perhaps footage showing cut up books in Kerkstraat:
Installation view with tablet and magazine:
paste-ups from ST#5:
Shannon labyrinth?
> There is a certain genealogical affinity too with what later became the gallimaufry of the punk aesthetic of rippedand torn pages where material clashed in order to produce a synergistically broken whole, but also to the scrapbookproper, as a device of memory-formation. Here, each piece of information provides contextual meta-data to theothers on the page or in series. The form of the archive proposed is thus that of a sifting, arranging, pattern-findingintelligence. Can we imagine such an anti-hierarchy of information as a kind of data structure, the ragged heap, thetorn list, the convulsive set? [ In an era when, in the name of Big Data, actual, fastidiously generated archives are toooften being dumped as datasets into the public domain (for which, in the abolition of actual public or socialownership, read the cloud servers of Amazon or Microsoft), the institutions that supported their genesis andscholarship being abolished to cut costs, something too often supported by partisans of open knowledge, for whomknowledge about curation, or the substance of the archives, is derogated in favour of an expectation that culture andpolitics may be resolved in a series of hackathons sponsored by Mountain Dew and Google, a consideration of suchaesthetics and its uses may be overdue.]
-- Matthew Fuller <>
[^Burkhardt]: Jacqueline de Jong to Evelyn Burkhardt, January 23, 1967. Jacqueline de Jong Papers, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University.
[^bookscanner]: <>
[^leaflet]: <>
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