Commit a47124e4 authored by ana's avatar ana

functional script for large autmatisation of indexing files

parent 4f5e7c18
import sys, os, re, unittest
# def regressionTest():
# path = os.getcwd()
# sys.path.append(path)
# files = os.listdir(path)
# get names of local files
# put this script in the directory where you want to scrape the filenames from
path = os.getcwd()
files = os.listdir(path)
print files
# name link server as the weblink you want to compose your filemnames with
linkserver = ""
# print linkserver & filename to text document, with introtext and each item on separate line
f = open('beatrix_index.txt', 'a')
for item in files:
link = linkserver+item
f.write("In 1918 I made this drawing for The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse. " + link+"\n")
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