1. 12 Apr, 2012 2 commits
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      "Page modes" are now assigned on the fly · 036b8f8f
      Alexandre Leray authored
      Using markdown metadata one can specify alternative modes, for instance:
          Mode: play
      It will creates a radio button set allowing one to select the mode in
      which to view the page, here with play mode as the default and edit mode
      as the other option.
      All it does is create the radio button set and assigning to the canvas
      element (the space containing the annotations) a class equal to the
      specified mode. In the case above this would be:
          <article id="canvas" class="ui-layout-center play">
      By clicking the edit button it becomes:
          <article id="canvas" class="ui-layout-center edit">
      The behaviour is up to the stylesheets and the javascript.
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      Updated TODO list · 57d3293b
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      Initial commit · c116b8f2
      Alexandre Leray authored
      aa.wiki was previously merged with aa.core. This is the result of the
      seperation of the core with the wiki part, aiming to make it easier to
      build on top of aa.core and the many modules made for active archives.