Commit d029d6e3 authored by Michael Murtaugh's avatar Michael Murtaugh
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changes on constant server

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......@@ -114,11 +114,10 @@ all_meta={% for ext in image_extensions %}$({{ext}}_meta) {% endfor %}{% for ext
all: index.html
# replace spaces
# replace spaces '"()? with _
rename "s/ /_/g" *
rename "s/'//g" *
rename "s/\"//g" *
rename "s/[ \'\"\(\)\?]/_/g" *
# special rule for debugging variables
@echo '$*=$($*)'
"audio_extensions": ["mp3", "MP3", "wav", "WAV", "oga", "OGA", "m4a", "M4A"],
"audio_extensions": ["mp3", "MP3", "wav", "WAV", "oga", "OGA", "m4a", "M4A", "opus", "OPUS"],
"pdf_extensions": ["pdf", "PDF"],
"video_extensions": ["mp4", "MP4", "m4v", "ogg", "OGG", "ogv", "OGV", "mpeg", "MPEG", "webm", "WEBM", "mkv", "avi", "AVI", "mov", "MOV"],
"image_extensions": ["jpg", "JPG", "tiff", "TIFF", "png", "PNG"]
"video_extensions": ["mp4", "MP4", "m4v", "ogg", "OGG", "ogv", "OGV", "mpeg", "MPEG", "webm", "WEBM", "mkv", "MKV", "avi", "AVI", "mov", "MOV", "flv", "FLV"],
"image_extensions": ["jpg", "JPG", "tiff", "TIFF", "png", "PNG", "gif", "GIF", "svg", "SVG"]
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