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......@@ -201,5 +201,5 @@ And now a make dryrun produces the somewhat alarming result that it wants to con
A quite bad consequence of this means that every request gets quite slow as it must run the rule for checking for all markdown sources. Another solution (and a better one anyway) would be if the make parser would know about implicit rules and then (always) check implicit rules to generate a more (from itself pro-active) list of potential files (rather than depending on the makefile's all rule itself producing all possible interesting targets). This change perhaps follows a more "promiscuous pipeline" approach? (in that the server is more active in suggesting (more) possibilities).
Next Step: Should further integrate the new "Makefile" class into the server (currently it separately implements the actual calls to make) -- in this way force a synchronisation of behaviour between the directory listing and the actual make process.
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