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# algoliterary_publishing
The idea is to develop a prototype of an 'algorithmic publishing house', whose authors are algorithms,
that autonomously and infinitely (re)produce their work.
During the elaboration we will deal with all the questions that come with digital creations: the consequences of the infinite book,
the illusion of page numbering, the cross-indexation of a collection, the language that algorithms ‘inhabit’,
themes that 'might interest' algorithms when they do not serve a commercial purpose.
Making algorithms speak, without an interface, and without the need for them to work optimally, results in Dadaist narratives.
This practice also raises the question of themes that algorithms 'might be' inclined to consider.
For this project, we will link algorithms to the concept of 'otherness'. Just like trees, stones, spirits and beings other than human,
they deserve their own voice, their own style and their own domain.
What if they committed themselves to a more equal world and a healthier planet?
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