Commit 6ffaf54a authored by ana's avatar ana

finding whether word is plural, converting singular word to plural

parent db92cb9e
from import singularize, pluralize
#words = ['corne', 'coral', 'marbrier', 'nez', 'tombeau', 'nasal', 'idiot', 'escargot']
# find out if word is plural
def plurals(words):
ending = ['s', 'x']
plurals = []
singulars = []
for word in words:
end = word[-1]
print('end:', end)
if end in ending:
print('word is plural:', word)
return plurals, singulars
# results = plurals(words)
# print(results)
# pluralize a word
def lots_of(words):
pluralized = []
for word in words:
plural = pluralize(word)
print('plural:', plural)
return pluralized
# results = lots_of(words)
# print(results)
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