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<title>Collections Incertitudes</title>
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<div class="colspan12-1 as-grid top-left-context">
<div class="top-left-context">
<li id="date"></li>
<li id="time"></li>
<li id="item-count">1201 items</li>
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<a href="index.html"><h1 id="main-title"></h1></a>
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<li><a href="news.html">news</a></li>
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<h2>Events :</h2>
<li>spring 2020 : Diversions v2, collective exhibition at De Krook Ghent</li>
<li>14 October 2019 : Heritage collection data: Are 'facts' ../static?, debate organised by VIAA/PACKED in the context of DiVersions.</li>
<li>10 – 26 October 2019 : Diversions v1, collective exhibition and publication at Pianofabriek Brussels</li>
<li>September 2019 : launch of</li>
<li>29 & 30 May 2019 : Diversions meeting, Brussels & Ghent</li>
<li>4 – 11 December 2016 : Diversions, worksession, Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels</li>
<h2>Links :</h2>
<li><a href=""></a></li>
<li><a href=""></a></li>
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<div class="colspan12-2 as-grid with-gutter uncertain-list">
<a href="../collection.html">current list of words:</a>
<div class="colspan12-3 as-grid with-gutter">
<li>probabl*: 242 results</li>
<li>éventuellement: 4 results</li>
<li>sometimes: 5 results</li>
<li>might: 5 results</li>
<li>must: 5 results</li>
<li>ongeveer: 23 results</li>
<li>misschien: 58 results</li>
<li>parfois: 140 results</li>
<li>presque: 31 results</li>
<li>possibl*: 53 results</li>
<li>jamais: 23 results</li>
<li>probably: 84 results</li>
<li>bijna: 43 results</li>
<li>souvent: 103 results</li>
<li>perhaps: 14 results</li>
<li>could: 76 results</li>
<li>mogelijk: 123 results</li>
<li>waarschijnlijk: 134 results</li>
<li>effectivement: 6 results</li>