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<li>Polish road signage W drogę is drawn collectively based on photos collected on the way to Libre Graphics Meeting in Wrocław in 2009. Three tactics are compared : by autotracing, by drawing the contour, and by geometrically drawing centerline.<br></li>
<p><img src="" width='600px' /></p>
<p><img src="" width='600px' /></p>
<li>After some research on the DIN schriften at the Institute itself in 2008, some versions are redrawn from 1932 plates as fonts with a modularity by blocks, grid based. The centerline version is still to investigate.<br></li>
<p><img src="" width='600px' /></p>
<p><img src="" width='600px' /></p>
<p><img src="" width='600px' /></p>
<li>Starting around 2010, some refurbished Roland plotter are used to draw strokes using various pens. Ideally, text could be drawn with single lines letters. But regular fonts produces typically double strokes. Scribus page layout software could print manipulated Truetype fonts with open contours, and a hack prevent the automatic closing operation. Another more broad approach use the public domain Hershey typefaces as python script to simulate pseudo-fonts functions.<br>
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