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......@@ -33,6 +33,8 @@ windows of shopping streets, more and more, and after the
closure of the shop in the early noughties, they seem to still hold
their own to the assaults of vector vinyl cutting technology.
In 1996, Pierre Huyghebaert and Vincent Fortemps started to working for the cultural center les Halles de Schaerbeek and for a series of events linked to India, were interested to mix local and distant vernacular shaped. Those letters spotted on schaerbeek's shopwindows years before seems to fit the job idealy. After a few wandering in the streets nearby, the small lettershop at the bottom of the dull Avenue Rogier shining with its fluo shapes, was finally spotted as the origin of these typographic waves... And the inside of the shop was even more amazing. First contact with Madame Crickx, the first poster typeset letter by letter, then Pierre Huyghebaert pays other visits and it became obvious that these letters deserve more that a one-time usage, as Madame Crickx work deserve more that simply buying some letters more. For the following Halles stuff, after a quick-and-dirty vectorisation with Fontographer, called the Crickx Rush in reference of the time constrains that caracterize that kind of operation, Crickx font was heavily used. When Jan Middendorp, then Editor of the Belgian fontshop magazine Druk, order an article on the letters, it was the occasion for Pierre to try to investigate and understand better the process described herebefore (astonishingly, shortly before the magazine stops, a poll seems to have elected the article as one of the most favoured by the readers...). When Madame Crickx followed the retirement of his postman husband, the studio Speculoos (where Pierre worked) bought the whole stock of letters and dingbats and vinyle for a symbolic prize, store it in their basement of Saint-Gilles but use it for some of their funkiest windowshop displays. Finally, the Crickx's cabinet regain a better place at the new Constant Variable place, Rue Gallait 80, less than a kilometer far from the original shop place...
More on
OSP-Crickx currently provides the following Unicode coverage:
......@@ -69,4 +71,4 @@ W:
N: Antoine Begon
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