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Describing the font and the process it represents
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Basic Font Information
Copyright (c) 2011, OSP (
OSP-Crickx is a digital reinterpretation of a set of adhesive letters.
Publi Fluor shop was helded from father to daughter in the northern district of Brussels.
During about fifty years these craft lettres have spreaded windows shop streets around and more.
Pierre Huyghebaert recently acquired all the stock of M. Christelle Crickx
before she retired. It has been shipped in a large cabinet to our studio.
On these letters we have based our font. We have also found in this cabinet
letters we have not seen before. Such as the straight version that we
reinterpreted as CrickxDroit. And the upcoming: CrickxBlobby.
OSP-Crickx is a digital reinterpretation of a set of adhesive letters.
The Publi Fluor shop was situated in the northern part of Brussels,
Schaerbeek, and founded by the father of Madame Christelle Crickx who
was a trained letter painter. In his day he is—it seems—the first to propose
fluorescent colors for shopwindow signs. It proves so difficult to paint
letters on site with that kind of unstable coating that he develops a
technique based on vinyl that he fluo-colors and cuts by hand in the
workplace, then sticks at clients shops. Around 1975, his health degrades
quickly and his daughter is forced to step into the business.
Starting to cut letters with the rounded and skilled cardboard
templates drawn by her father, Madame Crickx slowly morphs the shapes
by analysing how typographic niceties confuse her non-trained clients
and leads to bad letters placement. She progressively removes the
optical compensation of rounded tops and bottoms, straightens sides,
and attaches accents for less floating parts. Those moves add a very
specific orientation to this otherwise quite common bold italic sans
serif display typeface.
During about fifty years these craft lettres have spread across the
windows of shopping streets, more and more, and after the
closure of the shop in the early noughties, they seem to still hold
their own to the assaults of vector vinyl cutting technology.
More on
OSP-Crickx currently provides the following Unicode coverage:
Basic Latin:
Latin-1 Supplement:
Basic Latin:
Latin-1 Supplement:
Information for Contributors
Copyright (C) 2011 OSP
Copyright (C) 2011 OSP
This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.
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N: Pierre Huyghebaert
N: Ludivine Loiseau
N: Antoine Begon
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