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Fontlog and specimen update, and

Add sentences to FONTLOG,
Delete skeleton files,
Add Ludi’s LGM specimen,
Rename FONTLOG to FONTLOG.txt to help Windows users.
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FONTLOG for OSP-Crickx
This file provides detailed information on the OSP-Crickx font software.
......@@ -12,10 +11,11 @@ OSP-Crickx is a digital reinterpretation of a set of adhesive letters.
Publi Fluor shop was helded from father to daughter in the northern district of Brussels.
During about fifty years these craft lettres have spreaded windows shop streets around and more.
M. Christelle Crickx
We recently added a straight version from the letters found in the of
Pierre Huyghebaert recently acquired all the stock of M. Christelle Crickx
before she retired. It has been shipped in a large cabinet to our studio.
On these letters we have based our font. We have also found in this cabinet
letters we have not seen before. Such as the straight version that we
reinterpreted as CrickxDroit. And the upcoming: CrickxBlobby.
This repository is a skeleton your can use as a model to package your fonts.
This text file explains the structure of this sample repository. Replace the
ccontent of this file with general information on the font.
`-+ README General information on the font
+- regular/ Per weight/style directory
`+ work/ Working files
`+ fontname.sfdir/ Fontforge font directory
+ release/ Release files
`+ fontname.ufo/ UFO font directory
+ COPYING Copyright info
+ FONTLOG Font log
+ GPL-V3 Text of the license
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- écrire un résumé FONTLOG en anglais (d'après le pdf "spécimen)
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