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Current Logisoso, as UFO

Based on the archive downloadable on the foundry.
I took the liberty of removing the ttf and the vfb,
and generating a UFO from the vfb.

I don’t think we need to version both the vfb and the UFO
at the same time (except in cases where the UFO format
proves to be lacking in relation to the vfb).
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Copyright (C) 2011 Mathieu-g (Mathieu Gabiot).
This Font Software is an open font and is released under the GPL v2 with font exception; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
This Font Software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
As a special exception, if you create a document which uses this font, and embed this font or unaltered portions of this font into the document,
this font does not by itself cause the resulting document to be covered by the GNU General Public License. This exception does not however
invalidate any other reasons why the document might be covered by the GNU General Public License. If you modify this font, you may extend this
exception to your version of the font, but you are not obligated to do so. If you do not wish to do so, delete this exception statement from your
This file provides detailed information on the Logisoso font software.
This information should be distributed along with the Logisoso font and any derivative works.
Basic Font Information
Logisoso is a reinterpretation of the Delhaize logo lettering.
Drawn during a signage work for the Zellik logistic center.
It was used to identify different buildings.
The font was later completed with Inkscape and generated with FontForge.
For more detailed information:
Capital letters are currently rounded, not the lowecases letters.
Logisoso currently provides the following Unicode coverage:
see font info in FontForge for details.
Information for Contributors
See the project website for the current trunk and the various branches:
(This should list both major and minor changes, most recent first.)
If you make modifications be sure to add your name (N), email (E), web-address
(W) and description (D). This list is sorted by last name in alphabetical
N: Mathieu Gabiot
D: designer
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lookup kernCrnagehorizontaldansLatinlo {
lookupflag 0;
pos \A \Y -55;
pos \A \W -37;
pos \A \V -37;
pos \A \T -55;
pos \B \A -12;
pos \D \Y -18;
pos \D \W -12;
pos \D \V -18;
pos \D \A -12;
pos \F \A -50;
pos \F \period -111;
pos \F \comma -111;
pos \J \period -18;
pos \J \comma -18;
pos \K \O -12;
pos \L \Y -92;
pos \L \W -74;
pos \L \V -74;
pos \L \T -74;
pos \O \Y -18;
pos \O \W -12;
pos \O \V -18;
pos \O \T -12;
pos \O \A -12;
pos \P \A -37;
pos \P \period -129;
pos \P \comma -129;
pos \R \Y -18;
pos \R \T -9;
pos \T \O -12;
pos \T \A -55;
pos \T \period -92;
pos \T \hyphen -62;
pos \T \comma -92;
pos \U \A -12;
pos \V \A -37;
pos \V \colon -18;
pos \V \period -92;
pos \V \hyphen -37;
pos \V \comma -92;
pos \W \O -12;
pos \W \A -30;
pos \W \colon -18;
pos \W \period -74;
pos \W \hyphen -18;
pos \W \comma -74;
pos \Y \A -55;
pos \Y \semicolon -55;
pos \Y \colon -37;
pos \Y \period -92;
pos \Y \hyphen -74;
pos \Y \comma -92;
} kernCrnagehorizontaldansLatinlo;
feature kern {
script DFLT;
language dflt ;
lookup kernCrnagehorizontaldansLatinlo;
script latn;
language dflt ;
lookup kernCrnagehorizontaldansLatinlo;
} kern;
@GDEF_Simple = [\.null \nonmarkingreturn \uni001E \uni001F \space \exclam
\quotedbl \numbersign \dollar \percent \ampersand \quotesingle \parenleft
\parenright \asterisk \plus \comma \hyphen \period \slash \zero \one \two \three
\four \five \six \seven \eight \nine \colon \semicolon \less \equal \greater
\question \at \A \B \C \D \E \F \G \H \I \J \K \L \M \N \O \P \Q \R \S \T \U \V \W \X \Y \Z
\bracketleft \backslash \bracketright \asciicircum \underscore \grave \a \b \c \d
\e \f \g \h \i \j \k \l \m \n \o \p \q \r \s \t \u \v \w \x \y \z \braceleft \bar \braceright
\asciitilde \uni007F \uni0080 \uni0081 \uni0082 \uni0083 \uni0084 \uni0085
\uni0086 \uni0087 \uni0088 \uni0089 \uni008A \uni008B \uni008C \uni008D \uni008E
\uni008F \uni0090 \uni0091 \uni0092 \uni0093 \uni0094 \uni0095 \uni0096 \uni0097
\uni0098 \uni0099 \uni009A \uni009B \uni009C \uni009D \uni009E \uni009F \uni00A0
\exclamdown \cent \sterling \currency \yen \brokenbar \section \dieresis
\copyright \ordfeminine \guillemotleft \logicalnot \uni00AD \registered
\macron \degree \plusminus \uni00B2 \uni00B3 \acute \uni00B5 \paragraph
\periodcentered \cedilla \uni00B9 \ordmasculine \guillemotright \onequarter
\onehalf \threequarters \questiondown \Agrave \Aacute \Acircumflex \Atilde
\Adieresis \Aring \AE \Ccedilla \Egrave \Eacute \Ecircumflex \Edieresis \Igrave
\Iacute \Icircumflex \Idieresis \Eth \Ntilde \Ograve \Oacute \Ocircumflex
\Otilde \Odieresis \multiply \Oslash \Ugrave \Uacute \Ucircumflex \Udieresis
\Yacute \Thorn \germandbls \agrave \aacute \acircumflex \atilde \adieresis
\aring \ae \ccedilla \egrave \eacute \ecircumflex \edieresis \igrave \iacute
\icircumflex \idieresis \eth \ntilde \ograve \oacute \ocircumflex \otilde
\odieresis \divide \oslash \ugrave \uacute \ucircumflex \udieresis \yacute
\thorn \ydieresis \Amacron \amacron \Abreve \abreve \Aogonek \aogonek \Cacute
\cacute \Ccircumflex \ccircumflex \Cdotaccent \cdotaccent \Ccaron \ccaron
\Dcaron \dcaron \Dcroat \dcroat \Emacron \emacron \Ebreve \ebreve \Edotaccent
\edotaccent \Eogonek \eogonek \Ecaron \ecaron \Gcircumflex \gcircumflex \Gbreve
\gbreve \Gdotaccent \gdotaccent \Gcommaaccent \gcommaaccent \Hcircumflex
\hcircumflex \Hbar \hbar \Itilde \itilde \Imacron \imacron \Ibreve \ibreve
\Iogonek \iogonek \Idotaccent \dotlessi \IJ \ij \Jcircumflex \jcircumflex
\Kcommaaccent \kcommaaccent \kgreenlandic \Lacute \lacute \Lcommaaccent
\lcommaaccent \Lcaron \lcaron \Ldot \ldot \Lslash \lslash \Nacute \nacute
\Ncommaaccent \ncommaaccent \Ncaron \ncaron \napostrophe \Eng \eng \Omacron
\omacron \Obreve \obreve \Ohungarumlaut \ohungarumlaut \OE \oe \Racute \racute
\Rcommaaccent \rcommaaccent \Rcaron \rcaron \Sacute \sacute \Scircumflex
\scircumflex \Scedilla \scedilla \Scaron \scaron \Tcommaaccent \tcommaaccent
\Tcaron \tcaron \Tbar \tbar \Utilde \utilde \Umacron \umacron \Ubreve \ubreve
\Uring \uring \Uhungarumlaut \uhungarumlaut \Uogonek \uogonek \Wcircumflex
\wcircumflex \Ycircumflex \ycircumflex \Ydieresis \Zacute \zacute \Zdotaccent
\zdotaccent \Zcaron \zcaron \longs \uni0180 \uni0181 \uni0182 \uni0183 \uni0184
\uni0185 \uni0186 \uni0187 \uni0188 \uni0189 \uni018A \uni018B \uni018C \uni018D
\uni018E \uni018F \uni0190 \uni0191 \florin \uni0193 \uni0194 \uni0195 \uni0196
\uni0197 \uni0198 \uni0199 \uni019A \uni019B \uni019C \uni019D \uni019E \uni019F
\Ohorn \ohorn \uni01A2 \uni01A3 \uni01A4 \uni01A5 \uni01A6 \uni01A7 \uni01A8
\uni01A9 \uni01AA \uni01AB \uni01AC \uni01AD \uni01AE \Uhorn \uhorn \uni01B1
\uni01B2 \uni01B3 \uni01B4 \uni01B5 \uni01B6 \uni01B7 \uni01B8 \uni01B9 \uni01BA
\uni01BB \uni01BC \uni01BD \uni01BE \uni01BF \uni01C0 \uni01C1 \uni01C2 \uni01C3
\uni01C4 \uni01C5 \uni01C6 \uni01C7 \uni01C8 \uni01C9 \uni01CA \uni01CB \uni01CC
\uni01CD \uni01CE \uni01CF \uni01D0 \uni01D1 \uni01D2 \uni01D3 \uni01D4 \uni01D5
\uni01D6 \uni01D7 \uni01D8 \uni01D9 \uni01DA \uni01DB \uni01DC \uni01DD \uni01DE
\uni01DF \uni01E0 \uni01E1 \uni01E2 \uni01E3 \uni01E4 \uni01E5 \Gcaron \gcaron
\uni01E8 \uni01E9 \uni01EA \uni01EB \uni01EC \uni01ED \uni01EE \uni01EF \uni01F0
\uni01F1 \uni01F2 \uni01F3 \uni01F4 \uni01F5 \uni01F6 \uni01F7 \uni01F8 \uni01F9
\Aringacute \aringacute \AEacute \aeacute \Oslashacute \oslashacute \uni0200
\uni0201 \uni0202 \uni0203 \uni0204 \uni0205 \uni0206 \uni0207 \uni0208 \uni0209
\uni020A \uni020B \uni020C \uni020D \uni020E \uni020F \uni0210 \uni0211 \uni0212
\uni0213 \uni0214 \uni0215 \uni0216 \uni0217 \Scommaaccent \scommaaccent
\uni021A \uni021B \uni021C \uni021D \uni021E \uni021F \Euro \car \uni26DF
\uni2794 \uniE031 \arrowleft \arrowup \arrowdown \uni2196 \uni2197 \uni2198
\uni2199 \arrowright ];
table GDEF {
GlyphClassDef @GDEF_Simple, , , ;
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
<string>Created by Mathieu Gabiot with FontForge 2.0 ( - Brussels - 2009</string>
<string>2009/00/15 17:34:15</string>
<string>Mathieu Gabiot</string>
<string>This Font Software is an open font and is released under the GPL v2 with font exception; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.</string>
<string>Version 1.0</string>
<string>FontForge 2.0 : Logisoso : 9-12-2009</string>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<glyph name=".notdef" format="1">
<advance width="364"/>
<point x="33" y="0" type="line"/>
<point x="33" y="666" type="line"/>
<point x="298" y="666" type="line"/>
<point x="298" y="0" type="line"/>
<point x="66" y="33" type="line"/>
<point x="265" y="33" type="line"/>
<point x="265" y="633" type="line"/>
<point x="66" y="633" type="line"/>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<glyph name=".null" format="1">
<advance width="0"/>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<glyph name="a" format="1">
<advance width="492"/>
<unicode hex="0061"/>
<point x="219,81" y="531,502" type="qcurve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="245,997" y="531,5" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="310,179" y="531,451"/>
<point x="400,935" y="440,664"/>
<point x="400,935" y="376,5" type="qcurve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="400,935" y="354,188" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="400,997" y="353,771"/>
<point x="400,969" y="353,011" type="qcurve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="400,935" y="132,875" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="400,935" y="114,529"/>
<point x="426,838" y="88,625"/>
<point x="445,185" y="88,625" type="qcurve"/>
<point x="445,185" y="0" type="line"/>
<point x="389,229" y="0"/>
<point x="350,06" y="40,1875" type="qcurve"/>
<point x="305,799" y="0"/>
<point x="245,997" y="0" type="qcurve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="201,685" y="0" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="137,509" y="0"/>
<point x="46,7471" y="90,8125"/>
<point x="46,7471" y="219,183"/>
<point x="137,502" y="309,938"/>
<point x="201,685" y="309,938" type="qcurve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="268,122" y="309,938" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="286,468" y="309,938"/>
<point x="312,372" y="335,842"/>
<point x="312,372" y="354,188" type="qcurve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="312,372" y="376,5" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="312,372" y="403,993"/>
<point x="273,47" y="442,913"/>
<point x="245,997" y="442,938" type="qcurve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="223,747" y="442,938" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="196,266" y="442,938"/>
<point x="157,435" y="404,107"/>
<point x="157,435" y="376,625" type="qcurve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="157,435" y="354,377" type="line"/>
<point x="68,8096" y="354,377" type="line"/>
<point x="68,8096" y="376,564" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="68,8096" y="439,667"/>
<point x="156,935" y="529,91"/>
<point x="312,372" y="228,877" type="line"/>
<point x="290,965" y="221,314"/>
<point x="268,122" y="221,314" type="qcurve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="201,685" y="221,314" type="line" smooth="yes"/>