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corrigé les accents, ajouté des specimens et exemples

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This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<glyph name="ucircumflex" format="1">
<advance width="630"/>
<advance width="376"/>
<unicode hex="00FB"/>
<point x="388,719" y="528,578" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="428,172" y="594" type="line"/>
<point x="513,766" y="594" type="line"/>
<point x="555,234" y="527,656" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="563,328" y="514,703"/>
<point x="591,969" y="469,453"/>
<point x="595,312" y="462,672" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="595,656" y="461,938"/>
<point x="596" y="461,062"/>
<point x="596" y="460" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="593,703" y="452,516" type="line"/>
<point x="591,406" y="455,016" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="591,344" y="455,016"/>
<point x="579,25" y="454"/>
<point x="566" y="454" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="538,891" y="454" type="line"/>
<point x="502,469" y="491,469" type="line"/>
<point x="470,047" y="522,984" type="line"/>
<point x="438,578" y="491,516" type="line"/>
<point x="403,156" y="454" type="line"/>
<point x="378" y="454" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="368,688" y="454,062"/>
<point x="359,156" y="454,406"/>
<point x="354,734" y="455,609" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="351,266" y="456,547"/>
<point x="349,781" y="458,859"/>
<point x="350" y="461" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="350,156" y="462,594"/>
<point x="349,984" y="462,172"/>
<point x="350,656" y="463,594" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="352,922" y="468,453"/>
<point x="372,719" y="501,922"/>
<point x="115,563" y="566,578" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="155,016" y="632" type="line"/>
<point x="240,61" y="632" type="line"/>
<point x="282,078" y="565,656" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="290,172" y="552,703"/>
<point x="318,813" y="507,453"/>
<point x="322,156" y="500,672" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="322,5" y="499,938"/>
<point x="322,844" y="499,062"/>
<point x="322,844" y="498" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="320,547" y="490,516" type="line"/>
<point x="318,25" y="493,016" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="318,188" y="493,016"/>
<point x="306,094" y="492"/>
<point x="292,844" y="492" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="265,735" y="492" type="line"/>
<point x="229,313" y="529,469" type="line"/>
<point x="196,891" y="560,984" type="line"/>
<point x="165,422" y="529,516" type="line"/>
<point x="130" y="492" type="line"/>
<point x="104,844" y="492" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="95,5322" y="492,062"/>
<point x="86" y="492,406"/>
<point x="81,5781" y="493,609" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="78,1104" y="494,547"/>
<point x="76,625" y="496,859"/>
<point x="76,8438" y="499" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="77" y="500,594"/>
<point x="76,8281" y="500,172"/>
<point x="77,5" y="501,594" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="79,7656" y="506,453"/>
<point x="99,5635" y="539,922"/>
<point x="36" y="248,953" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="34,9688" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="123" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="123" y="271" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="123" y="101,016"/>
<point x="126,25" y="85,9688"/>
<point x="157,234" y="70,4688" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="168,312" y="64,9375"/>
<point x="180,156" y="62,2188"/>
<point x="192,266" y="62,2188" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="217,156" y="62,2188"/>
<point x="243,391" y="73,8125"/>
<point x="265,5" y="96,5625" type="curve"/>
<point x="280" y="110,172" type="line"/>
<point x="280" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="367" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="367" y="-5" type="line"/>
<point x="280" y="-5" type="line"/>
<point x="280" y="33,3281" type="line"/>
<point x="276,219" y="30,1875" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="243,203" y="1,95312"/>
<point x="204,094" y="-12,0938"/>
<point x="166,938" y="-12,0938" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="122,125" y="-12,0938"/>
<point x="83,2344" y="8,14062"/>
<point x="59,8438" y="43,2188" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="38,9062" y="74,6406"/>
<point x="38" y="92,4219"/>
<point x="26" y="248,953" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="24,9688" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="113" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="113" y="271" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="113" y="101,016"/>
<point x="116,25" y="85,9688"/>
<point x="147,234" y="70,4688" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="158,312" y="64,9375"/>
<point x="170,156" y="62,2188"/>
<point x="182,266" y="62,2188" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="207,156" y="62,2188"/>
<point x="233,391" y="73,8125"/>
<point x="255,5" y="96,5625" type="curve"/>
<point x="270" y="110,172" type="line"/>
<point x="270" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="357" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="357" y="-5" type="line"/>
<point x="270" y="-5" type="line"/>
<point x="270" y="33,3281" type="line"/>
<point x="266,219" y="30,1875" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="233,203" y="1,95312"/>
<point x="194,094" y="-12,0938"/>
<point x="156,938" y="-12,0938" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="112,125" y="-12,0938"/>
<point x="73,2344" y="8,14062"/>
<point x="49,8438" y="43,2188" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="28,9062" y="74,6406"/>
<point x="28" y="92,4219"/>
<point x="278" y="-66" type="line"/>
<point x="268" y="-66" type="line"/>
<point x="258" y="-66" type="line"/>
<point x="258" y="34" type="line"/>
<point x="268" y="34" type="line"/>
<point x="278" y="34" type="line"/>
<point x="328" y="-100" type="line"/>
<point x="318" y="-100" type="line"/>
<point x="308" y="-100" type="line"/>
<point x="308" y="0" type="line"/>
<point x="318" y="0" type="line"/>
<point x="328" y="0" type="line"/>
<point x="571" y="359" type="line"/>
<point x="561" y="359" type="line"/>
<point x="561" y="459" type="line"/>
<point x="571" y="459" type="line"/>
<point x="297,844" y="397" type="line"/>
<point x="287,844" y="397" type="line"/>
<point x="287,844" y="497" type="line"/>
<point x="297,844" y="497" type="line"/>
<point x="546" y="359" type="line"/>
<point x="536" y="359" type="line"/>
<point x="536" y="459" type="line"/>
<point x="546" y="459" type="line"/>
<point x="272,844" y="397" type="line"/>
<point x="262,844" y="397" type="line"/>
<point x="262,844" y="497" type="line"/>
<point x="272,844" y="497" type="line"/>
<point x="511" y="395" type="line"/>
<point x="501" y="395" type="line"/>
<point x="501" y="495" type="line"/>
<point x="511" y="495" type="line"/>
<point x="237,844" y="433" type="line"/>
<point x="227,844" y="433" type="line"/>
<point x="227,844" y="533" type="line"/>
<point x="237,844" y="533" type="line"/>
<point x="475" y="430" type="line"/>
<point x="465" y="430" type="line"/>
<point x="465" y="530" type="line"/>
<point x="475" y="530" type="line"/>
<point x="201,844" y="468" type="line"/>
<point x="191,844" y="468" type="line"/>
<point x="191,844" y="568" type="line"/>
<point x="201,844" y="568" type="line"/>
<point x="440" y="395" type="line"/>
<point x="430" y="395" type="line"/>
<point x="430" y="495" type="line"/>
<point x="440" y="495" type="line"/>
<point x="166,844" y="433" type="line"/>
<point x="156,844" y="433" type="line"/>
<point x="156,844" y="533" type="line"/>
<point x="166,844" y="533" type="line"/>
<point x="406" y="359" type="line"/>
<point x="396" y="359" type="line"/>
<point x="396" y="459" type="line"/>
<point x="406" y="459" type="line"/>
<point x="132,844" y="397" type="line"/>
<point x="122,844" y="397" type="line"/>
<point x="122,844" y="497" type="line"/>
<point x="132,844" y="497" type="line"/>
<point x="383" y="359" type="line"/>
<point x="373" y="359" type="line"/>
<point x="373" y="459" type="line"/>
<point x="383" y="459" type="line"/>
<point x="109,844" y="397" type="line"/>
<point x="99,8438" y="397" type="line"/>
<point x="99,8438" y="497" type="line"/>
<point x="109,844" y="497" type="line"/>
<point x="360" y="380" type="line"/>
<point x="350" y="380" type="line"/>
<point x="350" y="461" type="line"/>
<point x="360" y="461" type="line"/>
<point x="86,8438" y="418" type="line"/>
<point x="76,8438" y="418" type="line"/>
<point x="76,8438" y="499" type="line"/>
<point x="86,8438" y="499" type="line"/>
<point x="378" y="364" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="398,844" y="364" type="line"/>
<point x="431,422" y="398,484" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="443,078" y="410,156"/>
<point x="454,797" y="421,875"/>
<point x="466,469" y="433,531" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="469,953" y="437,016" type="line"/>
<point x="473,484" y="433,578" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="485,484" y="421,922"/>
<point x="497,531" y="410,203"/>
<point x="509,531" y="398,531" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="543,109" y="364" type="line"/>
<point x="566" y="364" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="573,344" y="364"/>
<point x="580,703" y="364,312"/>
<point x="586" y="364,656" type="curve"/>
<point x="586" y="460" type="line"/>
<point x="596" y="460" type="line"/>
<point x="596" y="360" type="line"/>
<point x="591,406" y="355,016" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="591,344" y="355,016"/>
<point x="579,25" y="354"/>
<point x="566" y="354" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="541" y="354" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="538,891" y="354" type="line"/>
<point x="537,422" y="355,516" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="525,75" y="367,516"/>
<point x="514,125" y="379,469"/>
<point x="502,469" y="391,469" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="470,047" y="422,984" type="line"/>
<point x="438,578" y="391,516" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="427,25" y="379,516"/>
<point x="415,969" y="367,562"/>
<point x="404,641" y="355,562" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="403,156" y="354" type="line"/>
<point x="401" y="354" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="378" y="354" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="371,562" y="354"/>
<point x="365,859" y="354,234"/>
<point x="361,562" y="354,609" type="curve"/>
<point x="362,438" y="364,578" type="line"/>
<point x="366,328" y="364,234"/>
<point x="371,828" y="364"/>
<point x="104,844" y="402" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="125,688" y="402" type="line"/>
<point x="158,266" y="436,484" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="169,922" y="448,156"/>
<point x="181,641" y="459,875"/>
<point x="193,313" y="471,531" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="196,797" y="475,016" type="line"/>
<point x="200,328" y="471,578" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="212,328" y="459,922"/>
<point x="224,375" y="448,203"/>
<point x="236,375" y="436,531" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="269,953" y="402" type="line"/>
<point x="292,844" y="402" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="300,188" y="402"/>
<point x="307,547" y="402,312"/>
<point x="312,844" y="402,656" type="curve"/>
<point x="312,844" y="498" type="line"/>
<point x="322,844" y="498" type="line"/>
<point x="322,844" y="398" type="line"/>
<point x="318,25" y="393,016" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="318,188" y="393,016"/>
<point x="306,094" y="392"/>
<point x="292,844" y="392" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="267,844" y="392" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="265,735" y="392" type="line"/>
<point x="264,266" y="393,516" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="252,594" y="405,516"/>
<point x="240,969" y="417,469"/>
<point x="229,313" y="429,469" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="196,891" y="460,984" type="line"/>
<point x="165,422" y="429,516" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="154,094" y="417,516"/>
<point x="142,813" y="405,562"/>
<point x="131,485" y="393,562" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="130" y="392" type="line"/>
<point x="127,844" y="392" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="104,844" y="392" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="98,4062" y="392"/>
<point x="92,7031" y="392,234"/>
<point x="88,4062" y="392,609" type="curve"/>
<point x="89,2822" y="402,578" type="line"/>
<point x="93,1719" y="402,234"/>
<point x="98,6719" y="402"/>
<point x="290" y="-95" type="line"/>
<point x="357" y="-95" type="line"/>
<point x="280" y="-95" type="line"/>
<point x="347" y="-95" type="line"/>
<point x="347" y="0" type="line"/>
<point x="357" y="0" type="line"/>
<point x="367" y="0" type="line"/>
<point x="367" y="-100" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="367" y="-105" type="line"/>
<point x="323" y="-105" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="285" y="-105" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="280" y="-105" type="line"/>
<point x="280" y="-100" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="357" y="-100" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="357" y="-105" type="line"/>
<point x="313" y="-105" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="275" y="-105" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="270" y="-105" type="line"/>
<point x="270" y="-100" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="270" y="0" type="line"/>
<point x="280" y="0" type="line"/>
<point x="290" y="0" type="line"/>
<point x="69" y="-52,4688" type="line"/>
<point x="90,6406" y="-84,0156"/>
<point x="126,141" y="-102,094"/>
<point x="166,938" y="-102,094" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="201,562" y="-102,094"/>
<point x="238,484" y="-88,9375"/>
<point x="269,781" y="-62,1875" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="281,797" y="-52,1562" type="line"/>
<point x="288,203" y="-59,8438" type="line"/>
<point x="276,219" y="-69,8125" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="243,203" y="-98,0469"/>
<point x="204,094" y="-112,094"/>
<point x="166,938" y="-112,094" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="122,125" y="-112,094"/>
<point x="83,2344" y="-91,8594"/>
<point x="59,8438" y="-56,7812" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="59" y="-55,5156" type="line"/>
<point x="59" y="-54" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="59" y="-52,4688" type="line"/>
<point x="80,6406" y="-84,0156"/>
<point x="116,141" y="-102,094"/>
<point x="156,938" y="-102,094" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="191,562" y="-102,094"/>
<point x="228,484" y="-88,9375"/>
<point x="259,781" y="-62,1875" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="271,797" y="-52,1562" type="line"/>
<point x="278,203" y="-59,8438" type="line"/>
<point x="266,219" y="-69,8125" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="233,203" y="-98,0469"/>
<point x="194,094" y="-112,094"/>
<point x="156,938" y="-112,094" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="112,125" y="-112,094"/>
<point x="73,2344" y="-91,8594"/>
<point x="49,8438" y="-56,7812" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="49" y="-55,5156" type="line"/>
<point x="49" y="-54" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="49" y="46" type="line"/>
<point x="59" y="46" type="line"/>
<point x="69" y="46" type="line"/>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<glyph name="udieresis" format="1">
<advance width="729"/>
<advance width="379"/>
<unicode hex="00FC"/>
<point x="396,516" y="523,406" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="396,516" y="539,25"/>
<point x="404,156" y="554,906"/>
<point x="418,719" y="562,453" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="425,812" y="566,125"/>
<point x="433,219" y="567,703"/>
<point x="440,234" y="567,703" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="465,141" y="567,703"/>
<point x="485,703" y="547,141"/>
<point x="485,703" y="522,234" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="485,703" y="515,219"/>
<point x="484,047" y="507,906"/>
<point x="480,469" y="500,766" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="472,859" y="485,531"/>
<point x="457,016" y="478"/>
<point x="441,453" y="478" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="426,469" y="478"/>
<point x="410,922" y="484,969"/>
<point x="402,641" y="499,547" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="398,406" y="507"/>
<point x="396,516" y="515,344"/>
<point x="71,0635" y="541,406" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="71,0635" y="557,25"/>
<point x="78,7031" y="572,906"/>
<point x="93,2656" y="580,453" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="100,359" y="584,125"/>
<point x="107,766" y="585,703"/>
<point x="114,781" y="585,703" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="139,688" y="585,703"/>
<point x="160,25" y="565,141"/>
<point x="160,25" y="540,234" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="160,25" y="533,219"/>
<point x="158,594" y="525,906"/>
<point x="155,016" y="518,766" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="147,406" y="503,531"/>
<point x="131,563" y="496"/>
<point x="116" y="496" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="101,016" y="496"/>
<point x="85,4688" y="502,969"/>
<point x="77,1885" y="517,547" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="72,9531" y="525"/>
<point x="71,0635" y="533,344"/>
<point x="555,219" y="523,219" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="555,219" y="539,109"/>
<point x="562,922" y="554,719"/>
<point x="577,688" y="562,438" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="585,219" y="566,359"/>
<point x="592,516" y="567,703"/>
<point x="598,859" y="567,703" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="623,344" y="567,703"/>
<point x="644,078" y="547,453"/>
<point x="644,078" y="522,688" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="644,078" y="515,5"/>
<point x="642,141" y="508,172"/>
<point x="638,469" y="500,75" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="630,812" y="485,344"/>
<point x="615,297" y="477,75"/>
<point x="599,875" y="477,75" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="584,438" y="477,75"/>
<point x="568,453" y="485,297"/>
<point x="560,547" y="500,734" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="556,891" y="507,859"/>
<point x="555,219" y="515,641"/>
<point x="229,766" y="541,219" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="229,766" y="557,109"/>
<point x="237,469" y="572,719"/>
<point x="252,235" y="580,438" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="259,766" y="584,359"/>
<point x="267,063" y="585,703"/>
<point x="273,406" y="585,703" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="297,891" y="585,703"/>
<point x="318,625" y="565,453"/>
<point x="318,625" y="540,688" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="318,625" y="533,5"/>
<point x="316,688" y="526,172"/>
<point x="313,016" y="518,75" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="305,359" y="503,344"/>
<point x="289,844" y="495,75"/>
<point x="274,422" y="495,75" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="258,985" y="495,75"/>
<point x="243" y="503,297"/>
<point x="235,094" y="518,734" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="231,438" y="525,859"/>
<point x="229,766" y="533,641"/>
<point x="85" y="243,969" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="83,9688" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="170,969" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="172" y="252,031" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="173" y="114,562"/>
<point x="172,859" y="111"/>
<point x="183,453" y="90,2812" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="193,031" y="71,5156"/>
<point x="213,125" y="62,25"/>
<point x="236,797" y="62,25" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="263,406" y="62,25"/>
<point x="293,906" y="74,4375"/>
<point x="316,266" y="98,3281" type="curve"/>
<point x="326" y="109,828" type="line"/>
<point x="326" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="413" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="413" y="-5" type="line"/>
<point x="326" y="-5" type="line"/>
<point x="326" y="32,8594" type="line"/>
<point x="325,359" y="32,2969" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="292,609" y="1,9375"/>
<point x="253,516" y="-12,3594"/>
<point x="216,438" y="-12,3594" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="158,141" y="-12,3594"/>
<point x="104,438" y="23,4219"/>
<point x="90,125" y="86,9219" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="85,6719" y="106,641"/>
<point x="86" y="117,094"/>
<point x="25" y="243,969" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="23,9688" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="110,969" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="112" y="252,031" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="113" y="114,562"/>
<point x="112,859" y="111"/>
<point x="123,453" y="90,2812" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="133,031" y="71,5156"/>
<point x="153,125" y="62,25"/>
<point x="176,797" y="62,25" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="203,406" y="62,25"/>
<point x="233,906" y="74,4375"/>
<point x="256,266" y="98,3281" type="curve"/>
<point x="266" y="109,828" type="line"/>
<point x="266" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="353" y="385" type="line"/>
<point x="353" y="-5" type="line"/>
<point x="266" y="-5" type="line"/>
<point x="266" y="32,8594" type="line"/>
<point x="265,359" y="32,2969" type="line" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="232,609" y="1,9375"/>
<point x="193,516" y="-12,3594"/>
<point x="156,438" y="-12,3594" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="98,1406" y="-12,3594"/>
<point x="44,4385" y="23,4219"/>
<point x="30,125" y="86,9219" type="curve" smooth="yes"/>
<point x="25,6719" y="106,641"/>
<point x="26" y="117,094"/>
<point x="327" y="-64" type="line"/>
<point x="317" y="-64" type="line"/>
<point x="317" y="36" type="line"/>
<point x="327" y="36" type="line"/>
<point x="267" y="-64" type="line"/>
<point x="257" y="-64" type="line"/>
<point x="257" y="36" type="line"/>
<point x="267" y="36" type="line"/>