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......@@ -134,13 +134,35 @@ Besides the two schools of Laban and Benesh, we can mention other notation syste
* Logo language
Seymour Papert, «Talking Turtle», video documentary
Seymour Papert, [*Talking Turtle*](, video documentary
[Logo commands]( )
[Logo Interpreter PZI](
* [Another Logo Interpreter]
* HPGL [HPGL Manuals]( )
HPGL Command → Meaning
IN →initialize, start a plotting job
IP → set the initial point (origin), in this case the default 0,0
SC0,40,0,40 → allows scaling in millimeters since 1 mm = 40 plotter units. Each user-unit is 1 millimeter, in both X and Y directions
SP1 → select pen 1
PU0,0 → lift Pen Up and move to starting point for next action
PD100,0,100,100,0,100,0,0 →put Pen Down and move to the following locations (draw a box around the page)
PU50,50 →Pen Up and move to X,Y coordinates 50,50 (in this case mm, after the SC command)
CI25 → draw a circle with radius 25 (mm)
SS → select the standard font
DT*,1 →set the text delimiter to the asterisk, and do not print them (the 1, meaning "true")
PU20,80 → lift the pen and move to 20,80
LBHello World* → draw a label
LTlinetype,length → set line type and its repetition length
CSxx → set character set (e.g. 33 is German)
DIx,y → set direction of text given as the catheti
SIww,hh →set character width and height
* Metafont
* Hektor
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