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[flat-test] -> doc steph

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This diff is collapsed.
from __future__ import division
from flat import gray, shape, document
from math import pi, cos, sin
from random import normalvariate, random
SIZE, STEPS = 320, 5
cx = cy = SIZE/2
r = min(cx, cy)/STEPS
point = shape().nostroke().fill(gray(0))
boundary = shape().width(0.12)
sigma = document(SIZE, SIZE, 'mm')
page = sigma.addpage()
for i in range(500000):
angle = 2*pi*random()
radius = normalvariate(0, 1)*r
x = cos(angle)*radius + cx
y = sin(angle)*radius + cy, y, 0.09))
for i in range(3, 4):, cy, r*i))
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