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Renaming variables

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......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ from generator.extract_meta import extract_meta
We loop through all the pads and 'parse' them as markdown.
Loop through all the pads and 'parse' them as markdown.
This should return both the content and a dictionary for the metadata
From this information a model is contstructed. The metadata is further
......@@ -115,15 +115,17 @@ def parse_pads ():
info('Read {}'.format(pad.display_slug))
# Excecuting links
for m in models:
for model in models:
# resolve links
# collect inline links
if m.content:
if model.content:
content, _ = resolveReferences(m.content, model=m) # Second return are the collected references
# render markdown
md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=['extra', TocExtension(baselevel=2), 'attr_list'])
m.content = mark_safe(md.convert(content))
model.content = mark_safe(md.convert(content))
return models
class Command(BaseCommand):
Supports Markdown
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