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    Changeable pad names. Includes South migration. · 1203d9f2
    eric authored
        So this is kind of convoluted. With an input like
        Relearn::Can it scale to the universe
        we get a pad, with the unchangeable id:
        This id becomes the initial value for the (changeable) url slug, as display_slug.
        Based on this id we also set the (changeable) display name, as display_name,
        through a slight transformation (- becomes space, :: →) as in:
        relearn → can it scale to the universe
    After migration, update existing install as such:
    from etherpadlite.models import Pad
    from relearn.templatetags.wikify import dewikify
    for pad in Pad.objects.all():
        pad.display_slug = pad.name
        pad.display_name = dewikify(pad.name)
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