Commit 5f28335b authored by svilayphiou's avatar svilayphiou
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more details in commit list

parent 55b1823e
......@@ -22,14 +22,21 @@
{% for file in project.tree %}
<li>{{ }}</li>{% endfor %}
<li>{{ }}</li>
{% endfor %}
<ul class="commit-list">
{% for commit in project.commits %}
<li>{{ commit.author_name }}: {{ commit.message }}</li>
{% endfor %}
<li class="commit-item">
<a href="{{ }}/-/commit/{{ }}">
<time class="commit-time">{{ commit.committed_date }}</time>
<p class="commit-message">{{ commit.message }}</p>
<p class="commit-author">{{ commit.author_name }}</p>
{% endfor %}
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