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| T O D O |
- hide div#interface in print
- add crop marks with Ghostscript
- remove crop marks from html
- crop marks: higher page format
- add margins around pages on screen-only + background color
- choice to give a page number or to calculate it automatically
- Table of contents (Internal links works with anchors; use Jquery to make a
table of content / or use a jquery plugin to do so?)
- pagination total (page 1/16, etc.)
- check image resolution
- spot colors export in different PDFs with export class
- put objects on spreads (as a jquery plugin, it would duplicate the object on
the next page with an offset of "width and margin-left")
- css columns → doesn't print as columns, we have to do css regions instead.
can we make a javascript to do so? as it is much shorter to write it in css?
| TO M E R G E |
- moveable images inside pages
| D E B U G |
- .moveable elements widen page width if outside the page.
- .spread doesn't work with .moveable elements (need to shift their position)
- when printing with .spread, javascript to remove the .spread class
- zooming in and out changes layout preview
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