Commit f7356837 authored by svilayphiou's avatar svilayphiou
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Delete manual firing of CSS regions polyfill as it does not work on the fly but on loading.

parent f65129a3
......@@ -131,13 +131,6 @@ the imagined workflow will be to use both laidout and undertype: undertype will
for(i = 1; i <= pages; i++){
$("section#source").before("<section class='page' id='page-" + i + "'></section>");
//$("#source").css({"-webkit-flow-into": "myFlow !important", "-adobe-flow-into": "myFlow !important"});
//$(".page").css({"outline-color": "blue", "-webkit-flow-from": "myFlow", "-adobe-flow-from": "myFlow"});
console.log("do it");
}, 5000);
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