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Some install precisions in README.txt

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......@@ -47,21 +47,19 @@ Do:
### OS X
brew install libmagic libgit2
Note that you need to install version 0.21, so a simple
brew install libmagic libgit2
## Python modules
Run-of-the-mill python modules required (best into a virtual environment):
might not work. Check
or install from source.
pip install Django<1.5
pip install python-magic<0.5
pip install pygit2<0.22
## Python modules
Django apps:
Next to the modules mentioned in you should install the following python modules into your virtual environment:
pip install django-compressor<1.5
pip install django-cors<0.2
pip install "python-magic<0.5"
pip install "pygit2<0.22"
## Setting up django
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