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Title: Master Living Colors
Tags: users
Date: 3 Nov 2021
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Second edition of the Master Living Colors
Color has always been evaluated on its stability. In the past, numerous books explained the secrets to make a good color. Development of synthetic colors solved this problem, disconnecting color from nature and ignoring its living characteristics. This approach is still present today. Approaching color from a holistic perspective from growing, feeding, cleaning and extracting pigments to the intimate process of finding and applying the right color, challenges designers and artists to question their relation with materials existing in nature, promoting an attitude of a craftsperson working at the service of the material and showing its full potential.
Moreover, understanding the dynamics of colors opens new possibilities of creation, by considering color not only as a predefined material to apply on a surface but as something alive, fluctuant, variable, organic to create different sensorial experiences. What are the dynamics of color in nature? What are the potential applications of color dynamics in art and design? Can we think about color as a raw natural evolving material? Can we perceive time through living colors? How can we learn from nature by recreating natural structures on a different scale?
During this seminar, theoretical presentations were accompanied by hands-on experiments with coloring materials and its application in different mediums.
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