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......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ How important is design if we already have too much? How many chairs can one own
Will we develop greater clarity about what should be? Will artists play a more important role in understanding context and the nature of change? Will thinkers and makers merge or continue down separate paths? Will design sustain?
Let us use disruptive power to change awareness and acting. We play to see, understand and act.
Laboratorium will present the color research together with the artists [Sina Hensel]( and [ELias Heuninck](
In the Albert van abbehuis the lab presents the website “” together with the pigments from microalgae and bacteria and their application in a printed publication or 3D printer filament together with the works of [Sina Hensel]( and [ELias Heuninck](
[More info](
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