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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ Tags: maps, command line, vector, dithering, (! tags are multiple)
* Who is developing the tool?
- Peter Curtis (2012-2013)
- Kai Pastor
- Thomas Schöps initiateur du projet (2012-2014)
- Thomas Schöps initiator of the projet (2012-2014)
* Is the tool under active development?
The tool still being under active development.
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ of orienteering events.
* Who is the tool made for?
For every person who does orienteering races or "intended for interested developers
and adventurous users who like to try new stuff and give feedback."(Thomas Schöps)
and adventurous users who like to try new stuff and give feedback." (Thomas Schöps)
* What is the license of the tool?
......@@ -55,38 +55,42 @@ The tool is completly free "I will never demand money for it" (Thomas Schöps).
* Are there tools alike? What makes this tool different?
There aren't tools alike, the system of created symbols, the the possibility
to edit the templates colors and symbols alreday made and also to use georeferencing
that defines the relationship between map paper coordinates and real world coordinates
* Does the tool have a Graphical Interface?
The tool does have a Graphical Interface.
* Is the interface clear?
At the beginning, the interface isn't very clear
but the tool offers to the users some tricks to understand.
* Is the interface looking like other applications or is it custom made?
The interface is custom made, isn't really looking like other applications.
* Does the tool have a command line interface / can you use the tool from the commandline?
The tool doesn't have a command line interface.
* Can you automate the tool? Does the tool have a scripting interface / API?
Yes, the tool does have API.
* What are the filetypes the tool can read?
The tool can read:
CRT (Cross Reference Table)files provide rules for assigning and replacing symbols.
CRT (Cross Reference Table) files provide rules for assigning and replacing symbols.
OSM files (openstreetmap vectordata)
DFX, PIX, OCD, OMAP (openorienteering map)
* What are the filetypes the tool can generate / export?
The tool can generate filetypes like CMYK PDF export (vector output),
raster image export : Overprinting simulation (raster output)
* Is there an official documentation and if so where?
There is an offical documentation of the tools which is in the website and also on github.
* For which operating systems is this tool available?
The tool is also available for android.
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