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Title: tool page template
Title: QGIS
Date: 2018/03/27
Author: fei
Status: hidden
available metadata:
Category: mapping (! category is meant to be single)
Tags: maps, command line, vector, dithering, (! tags are multiple)
this is a test
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* Who is developing the tool?
Gary Sherman.
* Is the tool under active development?
* What is the tool made for?
For Desktop GIS (Geographic information system)
* Who is the tool made for?
* When did the development of the tool start? / How old is the software?
Started development in 2002, 15 years old
* Does the tool have a Wikipedia page?
* Wat is the license of the tool?
It is free software so the license under the GPL
* Is it possible to contribute to the tool? How? How many people are contributing?
* What does the tool cost? Is it a one time payment or a subscription model?
This is a free tool
* Are there tools alike? What makes this tool different?
ArcGIS, MapGIS . ArcGIS and MapGIS are payment, QGIS is free.
* Does the tool have a Graphical Interface?
* Is the interface clear?
* Is the interface looking like other applications or is it custom made?
I'm not sure but i think this app is look like other apps
* Does the tool have a command line interface / can you use the tool from the commandline?
* Can you automate the tool? Does the tool have a scripting interface / API?
* What are the filetypes the tool can read?
* What are the filetypes the tool can generate / export?
* Is there an official documentation and if so where?
* For which operating systems is this tool available?
Windows, Linux, Mac OS
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