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the rest of my answers, I thought I had pushed these!

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......@@ -18,14 +18,12 @@ before_script:
- pip install virtualenv
- virtualenv venv
- source venv/bin/activate
- pip install -r requirements.txt
cache: {}
- pip install -r requirements.txt
- pelican -s
- public/
- master
Title: tool page template
Title: QCad
Date: 2018/03/27
Author: Colm
Status: published
Category: CAD
# QCad
......@@ -52,24 +50,25 @@ Yes, mostly a GUI tool, but small inclusion of the command line interaction ment
* Is the interface clear?
It's very dense.
It's very dense, but relatively *traditional*. A palet of 'drawing' tools on the left, a canvas in the middle, tool pannels on the right. File and software manipulation in a top bar, an the lovely command box in the bottom.
* Is the interface looking like other applications or is it custom made?
It feels pretty integrated to the rest of my desktop environment. I recognise some pictograms, icons, some window styles etc.
* Does the tool have a command line interface / can you use the tool from the commandline?
No, you can't interact with it from the command line directly, apart from running the app as an executable. However, the development of QCad did enduce the creation of the DXFlib library that parses DXF for manipulation in QCad. DXF stands for Drawing eXchange Format which is a CAD file format developped by Autodesk to allow interoperability between Autocad and other softwares. It's now an open format.
* Can you automate the tool? Does the tool have a scripting interface / API?
A scripting interface no, but still, this command line section for small operations to be performed with precise units rather than mouse moves.
* What are the filetypes the tool can read?
* What are the filetypes the tool can generate / export?
* Is there an official documentation and if so where?
* For which operating systems is this tool available?
Windows, Mac and Linux!
......@@ -22,4 +22,3 @@ DELETE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY = True
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