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In the frame of Saison des Culture Numériques and at Maison du Livre in Saint-Gilles (Brussels), a two days workshop + exhibition with the proposal to draw together a parametric font using metafont/metapost, a near-belgicka shaped "Hoguet" lettering on the building.
The workshop evolves to the drawing of a more baroque font! And a small parametric one.
11 + 12 November 2016
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11 + 12 November 2016, With Camille Vinck, Amélie Fenain, Adèle Grégoire, Martin Campillo, Justine Pochon, Morgane Le Ferec, Quentin Jumelin, Jean Olgiati, Marie Frenois, Gaël Lombardo Cornet, Raphaëlle Lasausse, Nelson Henry, Benjamin Pruvost, Laurie Giraud, Laurent Müller, Lisa Gilot, Paol Darcel, Amélie Dumont, Dragan Marković, Ludi Loiseau, Alexandre Leray, Gijs De Heij, Antoine Gelgon and Pierre Huyghebaert.
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