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trying to show images (le retour 2bis)

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<p>By carefully analysing the datamodel of the <em>diff(erent) kind of design</em> software proposal, we decided to change the datamodel, so that height of the datapresentation would map to the height of the 3D-model. This made it possible to edit the models both in 2D and 3D space.</p>
<p>Storing 3D model information into a 2D image using colored pixels as representation of x,y,z coordinates.<br />Each line of pixel is a &quot;slice&quot; of the 3D model, starting from the &quot;top&quot;.</p>
<p>In the first days, the main question was how to use 2D filters and/or 2D tools to transform/edit/modify a 3D model in a &quot;coherent&quot; or &quot;somewhat predictible&quot; way.<br />So we went through an iteration of code and data model (2D representation) changes to try to achieve an acceptable solution to this experiment.</p>
<p>[!]<a href="/diffDesign/codes/pixGraphAlt/data/pixGraph.png">data-model</a></p>
<div class="figure">
<img src="/diffDesign/codes/pixGraphAlt/data/pixGraph.png" alt="data-model" /><p class="caption">data-model</p>
<p>A Processing sketch to understand the relation between colors and integers: <a href="/diffDesign/codes/color_to_integer/">color-to-integer</a></p>
<p><a href="/diffDesign/2Dto3D/PrintScreens/">Screenshots from 2D tools explorations</a></p>
<h2 id="experiments-with-elevated-images">Experiments with elevated images</h2>
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