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pip install html5lib jinja2
python install
Padinfo file
The easiest way to use etherdump is to create a padinfo JSON file that contains all the information necessary to connect to a particular etherpad server (including hostname, port, and API key).
All pad-specific settings are loaded from a file called "padinfo.json" -- by default etherdump looks in the current directory. Make a copy of padinfo.sample.json to start one. Make sure to check that the URL and port settings are correct, and to paste the correct apikey here!
cp padinfo.sample.json padinfo.json
cp padinfo.sample.json ~/yourfolder/padinfo.json
nano padinfo.json
And then for instance:
etherdump --padinfo padinfo.json listpads
etherdump list
To dump the names of the pads in JSON format:
* dump (the default)
* list
* listauthors
* text
* diffhtml
* revisionscount
./etherdump --padinfo padinfo.json listpads
./etherdump --padinfo padinfo.json listpads > pads.json
To format for the screen add the --lines option:
./etherdump --padinfo padinfo.json listpads --lines
To get help on a subcommand:
etherdump revisionscount --help
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