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......@@ -16,22 +16,29 @@ Installation
pip install python-dateutil html5lib
python install
Padinfo file
All pad-specific settings are loaded from a file called "padinfo.json" -- by default etherdump looks in the current directory. Make a copy of padinfo.sample.json to start one. Make sure to check that the URL and port settings are correct, and to paste the correct apikey here!
mkdir mydump
cd myddump
etherdump init
The program then interactively asks some questions:
cp padinfo.sample.json ~/yourfolder/padinfo.json
nano padinfo.json
Please type the URL of the etherpad:
The APIKEY is the contents of the file APIKEY.txt in the etherpad folder
Please paste the APIKEY:
And then for instance:
The settings are placed in a file called .etherdump/settings.json and are used (by default) by future commands.
etherdump list
* sync
* init
* pull
* list
* listauthors
* gettext
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