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<h2 id="grid">Grid</h2>
<img src="" />
<p>Drawing of the grid is the first element of the presentation. Developed as a group the scene start as the audience is still coming in.
Equiped with different coloured technical tapes, each one coordinates in solo or binomial to place the different markers.
The installation of the tape uses walking techniques inspired by the performance of Esther Ferrer or measured movements, rolled developed for the occasion.
In the background we listen to Laurie Anderson - O Superman.</p>
<p>The grid has a proportion of 8 x 4 and allows us to overflow on the wall.</p>
<p>After placement of the grid by the bodies, light focus on the plotter who starts 'marking the territory'.
One's filming next to it so that the audience can see the pen trajectory, plotter's dance projected on the side wall.
On page 8, the grid is drawn.</p>
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